Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Back To School

Ramona here, one of Angie's CT's and here to share with you some digital scrapping fun!

Anyone else in the middle of back to school fun?  I have six kids, but only four of them are headed back to school!   My oldest started high school today (which I am still in denial about!) and another child started Jr. High today.  My oldest daughter just started the fifth grade and my son Sam who is on the spectrum would be in first grade if he were in a traditional school.  He actually goes to an amazing private school where they are not divided by grades, but rather by their needs.  He went last year, as well, and it has been life changing for our little family!

Here is a layout that I scrapped about his last day of Kindergarten.  The picture shows him with the other 7 boys from his class, his teacher and several of the aides.  There are a couple of extra kids in the photo who belong to the aides and were there for the party!  I love every person in this photo!  His teacher was amazing.  His aides were amazing, especially Vama (whose lap he is sitting on) who was a favorite of all the kids!  And each of his classmates are amazing kids with unique challenges, but will warm your heart in an instant!

I scrapped the layout with Angie's part of the Mix a kit, School Days, and I just love it!  It can be found, exclusively at ScrapMatters!

For the coming school year, I volunteered to make homemade cards for all the teachers and aids.  It isn't a big school (only about 35 students total), but I wanted them to have a little more of a personal touch!  I want them to feel how  much all of us parents love them!

And because I love digital and think that digital makes everything in life easier!  I created these cards all on the computer and printed and cut!  It was so easy and the best thing about it, is that I can reprint as many as I need!  I can use them for my other kids' teachers, etc.  Digital cards are so fun and easy!

I made these cards at 4.25 x 5.5.  You'll want to double the width so you can fold it and have your background paper on the back as well.  When this card is printed, cut and folded, it will fit in any invitation size envelope.  You can use a template or just be creative on your own.  A good use of shadows will help the papers and elements look like they are more than digitally created!  I have made cards by printing the different pieces, cutting them and adding them, but I'll be honest-I kind of prefer this way!  Not only is it lots easier but they lay flat and look sharper. Either way is good though and much easier than starting from scratch with a piece of cardstock and stickers!

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