Thursday, February 24, 2011

Design Star contest

I entered the Design Star Contest at ScrapMatters.  I had participated in this same contest 2 years ago but,  I did not make it past the first round.  Do you remember this little beauty?
  This item is no longer available for sale or freebie.

I have kept on with designing and have learned so much along my journey.  I entered this time to prove to myself that I had indeed grown as a designer.  Here is the submission I created for this time around.

During the contest I am offering this mini as a Freebie!!  You can go to the ScrapMatters Gallery to pick it up along with many other submissions. 

I am very thrilled to announce that I am moving on to round 2.  There was so much talent in round 1 that I was really nervous!!!  I mean the gallery is full of really amazing creations.

Well, I guess I can say that I proved to myself that I have learned a thing or 2 and have grown as a designer. LOL!!!  I learn something new everyday about designing and I just love it.  Wish me luck as I continue on in the contest.