Tuesday, December 8, 2009

What is Digital Scrapbooking?

In past posts I have discussed Why I scrapbook and What are the most important things to me. This post is kind of a continuation on the whole scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking subject. The digital scrapbooking community grows larger everyday as it becomes more popular with folks. Some (as I was at first) are skeptical and not sure what the whole thing is about.

How many of you own a digital camera? I am sure at lease 90% of people who own a camera have a digital camera. I love my digital cameras!!! I know immediatly if a picture will be bad or good the second it shows up on the LCD screen. If its bad I can shoot another one. If its good then there are no surprises when I spend $ on film I get developed. We have all been there I am sure. Unless of course, you are too young to have had that experience.

Digital Scrapbooking is a way of taking those digital photos(or photos that have been scanned into the computer) and putting them into scrapbook pages that are made up of digital graphics on the computer. Basically, Digital Scrapbooking is just another form of capturing & preserving your memories. You use a graphics or photo editing program to design your pages. Popular photo editing programs include: Adobe Photoshop (PS), Adobe Photoshop Elements (PSE), Jasc Paint Shop Pro (PSP), Microsoft Digital Image Pro (DIP), or Ulead Photo Impact (PI), among a number of other programs out there.

Technology becomes a huge part of our lives. Email, digital cameras, cell phones and ipods are a part of our everyday lives. It only seems logical to turn to technology for our scrapbooking needs.

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