Thursday, November 19, 2009

What's the most important thing to you?

This goes along with my post on Why Scrapbook?

What is the most important thing to you?

Well, for me it is my family. Family is made up of the people who support you, love you unconditionally, help you when you are in need, and are your best friends. I have no greater desire than to spend time with my family. They know my faults and weaknesses and love me anyway. You know--there is just no greater feeling than that. Every member of my family, even the ones who have passed and the ones yet to come, are precious to me.

So what do I scrapbook about? You guessed it my Family. The things we do, our personalities, the good times, the rough times, and my feelings about them.

I really think my family enjoys the albums I have finished too. My kids love their baby albums. In fact, they are falling apart at the seams because they look through them so often.

Moments spent with my family are memories I hold dear to my heart and want to cherish forever. I have them in my memory but, it is so much fun to grab an album and go through those memories with my family too.

Any way, just thought I would share another snippet about me and my hobby.

Happy Scrapping


Mandy and Jack said...

I'm right with you. I love scrapping about my family, especially my husband. This is a really sweet season of life for me. The responsibilities are limited. The stress is relatively low. And best of all, my friendship with my husband is the best it's ever been. We have so much fun together. Scrapbooking simple feelings, memories, and stories comes easily with that kind of inspiration.

Jackie said...

I love to scrap about my family too! My most important scrapbooking project at the moment is a series of family heritage albums. Those memories are so important to me because they aren't mine. I had decided a few years ago that I wanted to get as much as I could recorded before those memories are gone. These albums are also what first got me into digital scrapbooking! I went digital so that I could print multiple copies of the albums for other family members :)