Sunday, July 3, 2011

4th of July Hybrid Craft

I am loving hybrid right now!!!  Lot's of fun things you can create!!  I wanted to share a hybrid project I created for the 4th of July!!
a close up view:
To create these accordion circles print off some digital papers on 8.5x11 size paper (I used my home printer)
1.  Click on the 12x12 size digital image and drag it over onto a blank 8.5x11 document in photoshop.
2.  Then  print out the paper.
3.  Cut strips of 3x11 inches, 1.5x11, and 1x11 sized strips from the paper. Most likely you will need 2 of each size strip to make one accordion flower.
 4.  Use a scoring tool to score every 1/2 inch or quarter inch along the strip.

 7.  Fold along the score marks to create the accordion. 

8.  You will need to make sure that the mountain of one accordion piece and the valley of the other match up so that you have a place to glue.  You might have to cut off one accordion piece to make it work right.
 9.  Now there is one longer accordion strip.
 10.  Again make sure the opposite ends of the long accordion strip have a mountain/valley meeting point and glue the ends together to form a circle.

 11.  After the glue will fold the accordion in toward the center so that it flattens out and a circle is formed.
 12.  You will need a circle to attach to the center of the accordion.  Glue the back of the decorated circle and place it onto the center of the accordion.  You will need to hold this for a few minutes until the glue dries a little.

 13.  Cut a small circle (I could only find my flower punch so that is what I used) to place on the back for some extra hold.  I was attaching my accordions to a wreath and needed something to anchor them down so I placed a piece of fishing line in the glue before placing the back piece onto the accordion.

 14.  For a little extra sparkle and durability I used some spray glitter and Krylon Matte Finish on my accordions.  I used my inkjet printer to print my accordions out so, the chances of them bleeding or smearing was likely with it being on my front door.  The Krylon Matte Finish sets the ink so that water will not damage the look. 

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