Saturday, April 2, 2011

Believe in Miracles

Last month I participated in a charity kit called Believe in Miracles for Heather Manning a designer who lost her home in a fire.
 In the digital scrapbooking community there are a lot of truly inspiring designers. Designers that not only create beautiful products, but also are encouraging of others that want to learn more and do more. One of those designers is Heather Manning. Heather has been a great supporter and friend to an amazing amount of people in the community. When we heard that Heather and her family had been struck by a tragic fire a large group of designers gathered together to create a gorgeous collaboration kit, Believe in Miracles, for her. All proceeds from the kit will go directly to Heather and her family. Please take a moment to look over this gorgeous collection and stay tuned for matching hybrid items and quick pages.


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