Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy "Fight Procrastination Day!"

Hello everyone! This is Natalee, and I get to be your "blogger" today!

Did you know that today is national "Fight Procrastination Day"? I had no idea! I happened to run across a web site that had unusual holidays listed, and I was thrilled to see that my blogging day was also a national holiday! :)

I decided that in honor of Fight Procrastination Day, I would try to do something that I have been procrastinating for some time. Sadly the list of things I have procrastinated to do is a very LONG list, but I managed to narrow it down to a few things.

The biggest thing I have been putting off is my Spring Cleaning. Yes I realize I should now be starting my FALL cleaning, but I was half way through Spring Cleaning when I ran out of steam, so I figure I better finish before I start with Fall...right? :)

One of the biggest things I end up tackling SEVERAL times a year is organizing things! Drawers, Cupboards, Closets, the list goes on and on. So I tackled my junk drawer first. I know you all have a drawer like this too. The drawer that gets EVERYTHING shoved into it! Maybe if we changed the NAME of the drawer we wouldn't end up throwing everything in it? I swear I find things in my junk drawer that I didn't even know we owned! Toys, money, (I consider this my tip for organizing it yet again) pens, pencils, keys of which I have no clue to what they open, papers, candy, ugh the list goes on and on! I end up just throwing most of it away because after all, it was shoved in the junk drawer, so it obviously wasn't worth anything to anyone.

I got so excited about getting the motivation to CLEAN it, that I forgot to take a "before" picture. That may be for the best anyway since I'm not exactly "proud" of that drawer. I did however get an after picture:

Trust me...it looks SO much better! Now the challenge is to see how long it stays this way! Any bets? I'm guessing MAYBE a week *sigh*

Next I tackled under my bathroom sink, and also the bathroom drawers. These are always a mess too. Apparently someone mistook a few of those drawers as junk drawers too. Again I guess I was just too busy to take before pictures... :(

Now my NEXT project has not been completed yet, because well.... I'm afraid of it! It's my pantry! Oh how I hate this "room" in my house! This is another place that I have organized over and over again, but it never seems to stay that way! This project I DO have a before picture of, obviously because it's not done yet!

HUGE mess huh? Now you can probably imagine what my junk drawer and bathroom cabinets looked like! Yikes!

I happened to run across this picture of a pantry on Pintrest:

I am IN LOVE with this pantry! I love how simple everything is, and how easy it all is to find! So my plan is to eventually get my pantry to look like this, in one way or another. It will most likely not look THIS good, but I'm gonna try. I am headed to the dollar store to see if I can find some cheap containers to put things like pasta in. I also am going to break out my trusty Silhouette and do some vinyl lettering/labeling. It will most likely be a project that will take some time, but I am getting excited to have an organized and NICE pantry. Hopefully it will stay that way and I wont have to be organizing it again in a few months!

So what have YOU been procrastinating? Cleaning, Organizing, SCRAPPING??? Do you have any great ideas for the rest of us to stop procrastinating that same thing too? Hopefully you TOO will celebrate this "holiday" and get something marked off YOUR to do list! Good luck! I would LOVE to hear about your projects and see any pictures you would like to share!

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